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Index hmd 90% more expensive than rift s. But far greater in quality?

whodiniz | September 21, 2019

Index hmd 90% more expensive than rift s. But far greater in quality?

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Whenever rift vs index comparisons are made, we look at the price of the entire systems, but I’m more interested in the quality difference of the hmd.

Since Facebook/Lenovo isn’t selling the rift s without controllers (so if you break your display but still have controllers fuck you I guess) we have to take the price of replacement controllers (69 dollars each) and subtract from 399 to get the price of a headset at roughly 262 bucks.

The index is 499. So let’s compare. The index is 90% more pricey. Does the quality reflect that?

They both have LCDs but the index has ever so slightly better blacks and colors.

The rift has a refresh rate of 80, the index has a Max of 144.

The rift is a single panel with no ipd adjustment and about 100-110 degrees fov. The index has 2 canted displays to achieve about 130 degrees and they also have an ipd adjustment.

The index has a higher resolution.

The index has considerably better audio.

The index has better build quality (I miss the of rift).

Honestly the index wins in virtually every parameter when only considering the hmds. I think you could make the argument it’s at least 2-3 times the quality of the rift s.

So is it a good deal? I think so

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September 21, 2019 at 07:47AM

Written by whodiniz


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