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Interview: GOVRN’s Raudel Bares His Sole Swaps

whodiniz | September 20, 2019

Interview: GOVRN’s Raudel Bares His Sole Swaps

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And where do you stand on fusing two brands together?
I’m not into creative restrictions at all. I really feel that total freedom is what makes hybrids so great. We’re doing stuff that brands would never do with their own shoes.

The new Nike Air Max 720 upper is slick but I’m a grown-ass man, not a pre-teen. What sole would you suggest for the 720? The big-ass foam rand that wraps the shoe looks tough to work with.
Funnily enough, we are working on this exact sole-swap right now. We now know that the upper comes off really clean with minor signs of where the 720 sole was. The Air Max 97 sole looks amazing with the 720 above. Staying in the Nike family, the Air Max 1 is another classic option, or the Air Max 95 or Air Max Burst would be dope as well.

And when did adding golf spikes to sneakers become a thing?
The new wave of golf nuts definitely want to add sneaker style to match their attire. When we started making the golf hybrids we thought the appeal would be limited, but once word got out, we realised this market was actually pretty big.

Are you aware of any brands watching what you’re doing? Surely it’s only a matter of time before one of your Frankensteins becomes a legit release.
We are not aware of any brands watching us. At the end of the day, if they recreate a hybrid we have made, I think that’s awesome. We only create from what the brands provide anyways, so it seems a fair trade.

Where to from here for GOVRN?
One thing we would love to do is incorporate our vision of sneaker culture into other sports and lifestyles, like we’ve been doing with golf. We would also like to start reconstructing shoes using different leathers. However, instead of just reconstructing a shoe readily available in the market and placing the original sole back on, it’d be dope to take vintage trainers and reconstruct them with a new sole. We’ll just have to see what happens and inspires us along the way.


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