Funky Dunkey


  • 1Heatby Crown City Rockers
  • 2Talking (Bleep)by Homeboy Sandman
  • 3Talking (Bleep)by Homeboy Sandman
  • 4Talkin' All That Jazz (Dominoes Vocal Remix By Daddy-O)by Stetsasonic
  • 5Blast It In Your Hoodby Speech Defect
  • 6Scorpionby The Budos Band
  • 7Uzi (Pink Ring)by El Michels Affair
  • 8Peaceful Life feat. Lorine Chiaby GUTS
  • 9Golden Ruleby Charles Bradley
  • 10I've Traveledby The Rurals
  • 11Glue - Making A Mess (Day Remix Interlude)by DJ Day
  • 12Veronica's House of Tarotby Psychic Mirrors
  • 13Everythingby Miguel Migs
  • 14Hole In My Heartby Van Hunt
  • 15Hustleby Freddie Cruger
  • 16Do the Robot in Cyberspaceby Giant Panda
  • 17Sampleby Whodiniz!!!!
  • 18Eschatonby Blue Six
  • 19If I Take You Home (Upon...)by Van Hunt
  • 20Draw Me Your Favorite Funkby Psychic Mirrors
  • 21The Break Seminar Pt. 3by Speech Defect
  • 22Mas O Menosby The Budos Band
  • 23What Planet What Station (Instrumental)by DJ Day
  • 24Scratchingby Scratch
  • 25The World Unseenby Blue Six
  • 26scratchapella_1by dj_only

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